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LED Garden Bollard Lights

LED Garden Bollard Lights are normally two to four feet high and emit light either horizontally or downward to give the paths with the appropriate lighting. Because they provide several advantages and beautiful ambiance at the same time, these lights are growing in popularity.


Decorative Pole Lights

Decorative Pole Lights require decorative lighting. They foster a unique feeling of community, offer a high-end look, and draw fashion-conscious customers to renovated retail developments. They are very safe to use. 

Post Top Lanterns

Post-Top Lanterns have tough silicon gaskets and a diffuser made of transparent polycarbonate. They are a frequently portable source of lighting that typically has a protective enclosure for the light source, which is typically a battery-powered light in modern times.


LED COB light led to the creation of a sturdy and dependable design. Each LED in a big array of older DIP LEDs would require its own power supply circuit. This light is easy to install as well as simple to use. 

LED Suspended Light
LED Suspended Light provides optimum efficiency without running the danger of insufficient illumination, drives performance, and boosts productivity, which smooths out daily job performance. This contributes to the creation of a relaxing and comfortable environment without interfering with work activities.
Up Down Light Outdoor

Up Down Light Outdoor is ideally suited for outside walls, porches, gardens, and garage doors since the waterproof level of all the beams is up to IP65. This light is excellent for both classic and modern designs. Outdoor wall sconces that are up and down work well practically everywhere outside.

Casted Pole Lights

A pole light is what keeps you safe while you are outside at night when it is dark. These pole lights that we provide not only keep us safe from the dangers of the night, but they also use less energy because they are so energy-efficient.

LED Street Light
Due to the widespread use of LED Street Light, one use is to turn them off when no light is required. Drivers and pedestrians can see clearly under this light. This system enhances urban nightscapes without harming the environment. This is very economical too. 
Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Lighting doesnt emit as much heat as incandescent bulbs do, making them more environmentally friendly. The improvement in aesthetics is the most evident advantage of installing pool lighting. This is checked under various parameters to ensure great performance. 

LED Down Lighting Systems

For spaces with low ceilings or huge areas, LED Down Lighting Systems is a fantastic solution. Recessed lights take up less room than conventional hanging light fixtures since they blend in with the ceiling. This implies that light may enter the room from all sides.

LED Spike Light

LED Spike Light is used to direct attention to a particular subject, such a tree or sculpture. This may be utilized to deepen the area and prolong the perspective along the garden. Spikes with a flood beam rather than a spot can be used to illuminate larger regions. 

LED Panel Lighting

LED Panel Lighting is used to determine how bright a light is. In addition to enhancing the quality of illumination, LED technology provides an incandescent and fluorescent lamp option that uses less energy. This is very economical and safe to use.


Hanging Outdoor Light

In practically all modern homes, hanging lighting has become a standard feature. In your personal space, hanging lights serve a practical purpose by providing the desired level of illumination and ambiance. You may choose from a large selection of styles and patterns.